Hardware Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a new Workgroup Server or a refurbished peripheral, our professional service specialists have the expertise and knowledge to help you determine the solution that optimally meets both your time frame and budget. In such a dynamic industry with abrupt supply and demand markets, our newer products may not be available online. We are confident that whatever your IT needs, we can fill them. For any questions regarding our products, inventory or special orders, please contact our sales department at sales@bytesizesolutions.ca.

We specialize in:

Enterprise Servers, Departmental Servers, Work Group Servers, Entry-Level Servers, Professional Workstations, Desktops, Networking Products, Server Storage, Processors, and Memory

Cisco Systems
Routers, Switches, and Hubs

HP 9000
Enterprise Servers, Workstations, Disks, Peripherals, Graphics Cards, Memory,
and Mass Storage

IBM AS/400
Complete System Units, CPUs, Controllers, Tapes, Disks, Terminals, Printers, Memory, and Displays

IBM RS/6000
Workstations, Enterprise Servers, Workgroup Servers, Large Scale Servers, Mass Storage, Memory, Graphics Cards, and SP Systems

IBM Netfinity
Intel processor based servers

Sun Microsystems
Workstations, Departmental Servers, Workgroup Servers, Data-Entry Servers, SUN OEM Compatibles, System Boards, Modules, Memory, Mass Storage, Graphics Cards, and Peripherals